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Super Spin Tanks is a game of skill, timing and on-the-fly tactics, built to offer a thrilling 2-player contest.

Get ready for an intensely competitive two–player only, face-to-face showdown! Master the fabled Spin Tank – a perpetually spinning tank of mayhem – use every ounce of skill, timing, cunning and finger finesse to defeat your opponent.

Designed for the iPad, players control either end of the screen – manoeuvre, out wit and out play your friends over 6 rounds of intense action. Throw down a challenge on the go, or run your own tournament to prove who really is the ultimate Spin Master!

-- Two players on the same device
-- Fast & intense battles perfect for quick play with friends & family
-- Simple touch controls
-- Easy to play but hard to master
-- Multiple tanks, battlefields and variants for near endless ways to play
-- Only 1 measly dollar!

Warning this game requires a little more of you than most - Mastery of the touch controls, timing, and observation are key to playing competitively.

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Are you ever going to put it on android? I'd love to play it but I dont have an IOS device. Looks fun though!

I may do that! There is some tinkering required to get the game resolution independent.

I think the game looks pretty good! Can't wait until I get an Apple phone LOL!


PLease leave a comment if you've played the game, I'd love to hear comments - good or bad :)

vo baixar e até gravar video pro meu canal

Thanks, please post a link when the video goes up